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List of major transportation agencies in Canada

As the second largest country by area, Canada has a system of the very diverse transport system which will allow the users to move at a relatively fast rate. Both urban and the rural areas of Canada are connected with vast roads and railways tracks. The best part of the Canadian transport is the fact that it is fast efficient and reliable. The constitution of Canada also gives the rights to the Canadians to move using subsidized transport. The regulations which govern the Canadian transport means are regulated from time to time. The aim of the federal government is to make sure that a common Canadian does not find it difficult to travel. (more…)

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Everything you should know about Tesla’s expansion in Canada

Although many praise Tesla for their eco-friendly and very technologized cars, others are a bit disappointed by the entire experience of driving one. No, it’s not a magical experience as many would expect, but rather an experience similar to driving a regular car. Nevertheless, Tesla is putting great efforts into improving their vehicles and the driver’s experience, as they are putting great efforts into expanding to new areas, including in Canada. But let’s discuss more the entire experience provided by driving a Tesla, first and the technology behind it. (more…)

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Intelligent transportation systems in Canada  

Canada is going through a revolution in transportation. New and enhanced technologies have been integrated into the transportation infrastructure to make it not only safer but also more efficient. These emerging technologies bear the name of beneficial intelligent transport systems (ITS). What the intelligent transport systems do is bring together users, cars, automobiles, and infrastructure into one unified system. And ensure that Canada continues to be the best place to live in the world. All means of transportation, including road, rail, marine, and air, are moving towards the application of intelligent transportation systems. (more…)