Canada’s Hyperloop might change the way you think about transportation
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Canada’s Hyperloop might change the way you think about transportation

September 20, 2017

Since Canada started developing the tech and transportation industry, it is absolutely normal for people to start paying attention to the newest things investors turn to. One thing that sounds like something people would get interested in and probably would use once available is the Hyperloop. A technology that combines tech and transport, the Hyperloop sounds like it is freshly taken out from fairy-tales. TransPod is a company started in 2015 with three main soon-to-be offices separated globally and seeking for talented engineers or designers, that aims to develop a hyperloop type transportation system by the end of 2020. Except for the developing transportation technologies, there is one more high-popular industry in Canada. Gambling can boast of its wide range of entertainment websites among which we can emphasize such well-known source like ValleyGames, providing a broad spectrum of online casino news, that is why you can have some fun at any moment.

Do you remember the movies when transportation was no longer a thing to worry about because of the flying tubes you saw in futuristic environments? Well, Hyperloop aims to offer exactly that type of technology in three years from now one. Their major project is targeted for Canada and considered as a great location due to the interest people accord to technology here. Of course, many people have heard the plans of Elon Musk to develop a concept where pods transport both people and cargo at a speed of no less than 700 miles per hour and a vacuum-sealed tube around the city. Basically, the time travel will be reduced significantly and people no longer have to schedule their appointments 6 hours later because of the period spent in the actual means of transportation existent at the moment.


Even though there are several companies that look forward to implementing Hyperloop transportation and technology, the project is not so easy to complete given the fact that it requires millions of dollars of investments.Plus, the main goal of these companies is to make future transportation more than affordable. The investments and costs of implementing Hyperloop will be gigantic, but the heads of the companies want to bring the costs as low as 15 dollars per 4500 kilometers ticket. Big organizations and companies such as Tesla, SpaceX or Boring Company started to discuss the foundation of the Canadian Hyperloop. Of course, obtaining a government approval for such project is not easy at all and this matter will require time to settle down.

What makes Hyperloop different from other fast means of transportation? The absence of friction – a Hyperloop tube presupposes a speed exceeding 1000 km per hour. This is possible only by developing a way to make the vehicle used in the sealed tube basically float. MagLev is one of the current concepts to put this idea into practice. Their concept implies floating by electromagnetic fields whose repulsive magnet properties would push the vehicle up. Think about it as a puck on the hockey table that works with air.

Even though it sounds like a fantasy, the Hyperloop is definitely going to be built and Canada will be the one assisting this event. In 2020 we will face the apparition of the first prototypes and by 2025 operational Hyperloop tubes should be available in more global locations. Technology keeps going stronger and stronger, especially when the investors are so interested in progressing in this field.