List of major transportation agencies in Canada
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List of major transportation agencies in Canada

July 7, 2018

As the second largest country by area, Canada has a system of the very diverse transport system which will allow the users to move at a relatively fast rate. Both urban and the rural areas of Canada are connected with vast roads and railways tracks. The best part of the Canadian transport is the fact that it is fast efficient and reliable. The constitution of Canada also gives the rights to the Canadians to move using subsidized transport. The regulations which govern the Canadian transport means are regulated from time to time. The aim of the federal government is to make sure that a common Canadian does not find it difficult to travel.

Transport Canada

Transport CanadaThe policies, regulations and the means of transport are governed by the Transport Canada which is a department of the government of Canada. It is highly efficient and asks for the government interference if the work of any particular agency is not up to the mark. It also regulates the laws which are related to the private transport companies of Canada. The main office of the agency is located in Ottawa. With 5000+ employees the agency aims at providing the transportation services to the Canadians which are highly reliable and cost-effective. The management of the agency comprises of Transport Minister and the other secretaries which directly report to him. The agency was established in 1935 and since inception the results which it has provided to the people are exceptional.

Sky Marshal

It is a known fact that the air travel all over the world is a vulnerable form of transportation and therefore it is made safe and secure by the Sky Marshals in Canada. The Canadian Air Carrier Protection Program is the one which has been devised to make sure that the best and the securest form of air transportation is provided to the Canadians. It took almost a year to make sure that the plan and policy are devised to apply the safety which the Canadians need. After 9/11 rigorous policies were devised to form the board. It was formed in September 2002. From passenger to the aircraft safety each and every aspect of a flight is controlled in a manner which is deemed to be the best. The processes can also be customized to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada

The advancement in transportation safety in Canada is the first and foremost duty of the government of Canada. This board directly reports to the Transport Canada and therefore it is highly efficient and effective. The Ministry of Transport of Canada is directly responsible to make sure that all the tools needed by this agency are provided. The domain of the agency includes all the modes of transport which are operated in Canada.

Canadian Transportation Agency

Air, rail and maritime transportation and the related cases which are registered against such companies are overheard by the tribunal. It is highly effective agency and it allows the companies to file appeals if they are not satisfied by the case registration.